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We are

a combination of talents to meet your needs.

“An Ohio native, I hold two communications degrees from the University of Akron and a law degree from the University of Dayton. I am a communication professional and business consultant. I enjoy working with small business owners to alleviate the stress of “building an online presence.” Becoming your designer, communication expert, or business consultant is more than a one-time transaction. I strive to exceed each of our client's expectations as well as deliver world class customer service. I cannot wait to be your consultant!"



-Chris Goodwine, Business Consultant

"A Texas native, I offer over a decade of professional experience in creativity and customer service. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington and certificates in Business Management and Hospitality Reception and Services Specialist from Sinclair Community College. I have a passion for expanding horizons, creativity, growth, and servicing others and am continuously looking for new and improved ways of pursuing and achieving through these passions. I welcome challenges as adventures and look forward to building lasting, professional relationships!"


-Vanessa Moon, Graphic Designer  

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