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I am here! The business has launched, and I AM the CEO/PRESIDENT/OWNER!

I created my dream job! Finally, I’m going to be paid my worth!

And then, my first customer came along. At first, I was excited! Everything was coming together, the way I imagined in my mind. Someone, that’s not in my family or a close friend actually wanted to pay me for my talents! We’re talking actual money from people who knew nothing about me or my experience. And it felt divine! For the first time, everything felt right. I made all the decisions. I decided when to work and when to chill. For a brief moment, life was perfect.

Yet, I still hate it here!


Because no one told me about the frustrating side of being a small business owner; I missed the lesson on not spreading yourself too thin. I also missed the lesson on balancing books, juggling multiple commitments, and my personal favorite: still having to hold down a job because I haven’t figured this shit out! I haven’t figured out how to respond to multiple customers on days when I just don’t feel like being bothered. I haven’t figured out how to get back that excitement that filled me when I started this thing. I haven’t figured out how I have so many of my entrepreneur friends appear to be way better at running a business than I am! And it absolutely pisses me off!

Honestly, I’ve been a hustler all my life! I worked my ass off learning my craft with world experience as well as all those years I’ve spent in school. I just can’t figure out how to make this bullshit ass dream I had, manifest into a thrilling company! And I’m not there yet, but I’m getting close to letting my small business go.


But you don't have to Hate this place forever!

Don’t you quit! So long as you have a product or service that customers want, the other problems can be resolved.

The reality is, in the beginning (first couple of years) being a solopreneur/entrepreneur requires A LOT of work! Remaining in the small business game, isn’t for the faint at heart!

Rock with me through this blog and I’ll help you discover new ways to fix your operational problems as well as provide you with new ways to keep your motivation.

That 9 to 5 can longer afford you…. Let’s fix this thing!

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