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Stop complaining. You chose this life.

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Tell me, how many people have you complained to about that toxic job today? I’m sure your go-to-person for “work problems” did a good job being your hype man, but was that enough to get you through today’s frustrations?

Probably not!

Say this with me-, “it’s just a job, before this job, I had another job and after this job, I’ll find another job.” That’s the reality of this thing! You’re worth more and deserve to be valued by your employer!

You chose this life. You can change your life.

You show up every day because something about that job means something to you. You have to be real with yourself and remind yourself why you’re still working there.

Here’s some career advice for you:

If you’re keeping the job solely for the paycheck- QUIT! Put in your two-week’ notice now! Do as my girl Maxine Waters said and reclaim your time! I need you to think better of yourself. When you’re good at what you do or work your ass off, no matter where you go next in life, the money will follow. FACTS!

Next, if you’re staying at the job because “you really like the people you work with.” They ain’t your friends’. Those are “situational friendships.” The truth is, once you leave your toxic employer, you will no longer have the commonality of work bonding you together. The conversation levels get really difficult when you don’t have work drama to discuss. Be honest with yourself, how many former co-workers are still rocking with you today?

Finally, you’re staying at the job, because the work is meaningful despite the pay and office politics. That is a legitimate reason to stay in a toxic workplace temporarily. TEMPORARY- means no more than six more months. The reality is, when the job drains you, it drains all of you! You’re going to feel less motivated the longer you stay in a place that diminishes your creative juices. There are sooooooooooooooooooo many other jobs out there that will provide you with meaningful work and without depleting you! Facts!!!

Don’t lose your passion for the work because of your current situation. GET OUT (in the next six months)!

Only you can decide to stay in a toxic workplace or you can start planning your exit strategy.