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What is your email saying about your business?

To get a professional email or to continue using,, or, that is the question.

It is my motto to get straight to the point and not sugar coat my message. Upgrade that email address!

Basic definition: A professional email address is an email address that includes the business name in the address.



1. Using a,, or tells clients- “We broke broke.”

I say this because you can get a business email for as low as $38.28 plus tax for the year. That’s less than most people spend on lunch or dinner for one day. You have to remember, clients judge every superficial thing about your business when they are deciding to spend money with you. Facts!

2. Using a,, or tells clients –“This is a hobby, and my customer service is going to suck.”

It is safe to assume business owners that couldn’t take the time to run a 5-minute google search on affordable professional email servers aren’t trying to build a credible business. This is also a sign that same business owner is spreading themselves super thin. If I am talking about you, PAUSE. You are at the point where you should find someone to help you with the administrative task (NOTE: There are sooooooooooo many free services that can get you on track with organizing your actions. There are also paid professionals that can get you together. Invest in the growth of your business. PLEASE!)

3. Using a,, or tells clients –“I am ok with you going with my competitors.”

We live in a very judgmental society. Facts. It does not matter how good your product or service is; you will lose potential clients over the presentation of your business. That’s cool for owners that are running their small businesses as side hustles. But for the individuals that are trying to build something real, don’t lose customers over things that you can control.

Today’s takeaway- Upgrade your email to a professional email. And as always, secure the bag.

Here are my picks for professional emails for small business owners:

1. Yahoo! Small Business

Hands down, the best choice for an owner looking to get the most bang for their buck! The cost is low, and the storage is high. Each email address comes with 1TB of storage . The cost for one email address is $38.28 plus tax a year.